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We LOVE to take pictures!! And not just any pictures...we want to take the kind of pictures that have you looking at them again and again. We want you to remember what it was like to be there! We want to make your photo experience one to remember!!!

We have come up with a couple of things to help you have a great experience during your session, a list of dos if you will....

Do make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing. The "My shoes are 3 sizes too small but they are cute" look is almost the same as "I am going to just cry this is so dreadful" look, so throw on your most comfy flip flops or boots and just think of this as a day in the park with the family. :)

Do wear mostly solid color clothing. Many times wearing stripes and plaids can distract from your beautiful features, expressions, and smiles not letting them shine through. If you need help with this before your session mention it to me or my business manager and we will make sure you will leave your initial consult meeting with a few ideas. 

Do bring a couple of your children's favorite things. They make for great pictures and happy kids. The favorite bear, the most loved story, and the best race car ever that grandma got on his 3rd birthday. These familiar things can bring peacefulness in an unfamiliar place or atmosphere.

Do this one last thing and this is the most important!!! HAVE AN ABSOLUTE BLAST!!!! Okay we are done with our list....if you can think of anything else or have any questions we are here to answer them. Do call us!!